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Inches - A - Weigh

shedding inches and pounds with support !

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That's right "guidelines". I don't want anyone to feel like they have to do anything they are not comfortable with. I will however post some guidelines that all are welcome to follow. Again, it is not mandatory that you follow these, but you may find yourself wanting to :-)

  • Weekly Weigh-Ins : Once a week a "weigh-in" post will be made by weight_loss_log, the moderator. If you would like to weigh in, leave a comment in that post with you weight/measurements. You may also post your weigh-in in the community. Log your progress each week in the "weigh-in" post and you'll be able to watch your progress as you shed pounds and inches! You may use this format or something like it:

    • Starting Weight:
      Current Weight:
      Total Pounds Lost:

    Of if you would like to also measure yourself and keep track of inches as well, here are a good few key areas:

    • Upper Arm:
      Upper Theighs:

  • Monthly pictures are encouraged! There is nothing better than seeing the progress right before your eyes! Each month take a front and side shot of yourself and month by month you can compare pictures. You will be shocked at how much you can change!

  • Virtual Models: My Virtual Model offers a free service where you can create a 3D virtual model of yourself!!! Just click on the link and you'll be on your way! Make sure to save your virtual model so you can update your model with your progress! To save your virtual model so you can post it in the community, just right click on the image of your model and select "Save As" or "Save Picture As". Post your virtual model in the community as well as pictures of yourself!

  • Tips and Advice: Feel free to post any healthy recipies you come across! Exercise and dieting tips are also encouraged!

  • Support: I created this community as a place for people to help eachother. We are all here for the same reason, we are all trying to do the same thing, so why not help eachother out and offer support! It's exciting when we step on the scale and find that we have lost a few pounds... Tell us about it! You feel on top of the world when a pair of pants that was once so snug and tight are now desperately needing to be held up by a belt...share the news!

There is one rule, however, that all members must follow! There will be zero tolerance for any rude, insulting, hurtful comments to other posters. We are here to help eachother, not hurt eachother!!! Any violation of this rule will result in immediate banning from the community!!!