Tall Lady (glamazon77) wrote in inches_a_weigh,
Tall Lady

Losing through the holidays

Wow I havent posted in such a long time but I am back at the gym and back on livejournal so thought I would update,
I did the best thing ever a few years ago 2 to be exact as of jan.15, I drew a pic of a body outline and got a measuring
tape out and pen and marked exactly where I was measuring on the figure and the measurement for my whole body from neck to calves
and let me tell you I find that the best motivation of all things, I did this at my absolute largest time in life for me, so there
is incentive in itself, but I have lost 19 inches overall from that time, and most of that loss is due to diet changes, I didnt
follow through with the darn gym like I promissed myself but I am now and really starting to enjoy cardio time because I treat myself
to an extra long shower at the gym after sitting in the sauna, so when its freezing outside I get warm and toasty, I am
also realizing it only takes an hour out of my day, and thats with the shower time in as well, I spend 30 min on eliptacal trainer
and weights every other day I am really happy with the way I feel and very surprised because I have never done the gym thing and I
am 43, so yeah for me its a biggie to haul my ass out and move on a machine, but I am seeing the positive affects from it and will
share a bit of them off and on, hope everyone makes it through the holidays well, and without guilt, dont feel guilty just realize
what you can do if you want and get up and do it, its never to late.
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