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Que She 
01:29pm 30/10/2008
Discover Miracle Weight Loss Product Que She
Discover Miracle Weight Loss Product Que She


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Que She ( Pronounced Kay She ) is truly and simply a revolution in weight loss. It’s a dietary supplement made from an all natural blend of extracts from 16 Chinese herbs.
Hello, new here! 
10:23pm 28/07/2008
mood: :)

I am M.
Call me that and nothing else, please.
I'm 15, and weigh 160 LBS, I want to lose a bit of weight, so I can feel better about my body.
I'm 5'11 FT

I want support to get me to my goal weight which is 130. I plan to do it the healthy way, exercise and eating, not starving.


Much love,

M xx

12:45am 06/12/2007
Where to begin?

I've been struggling with my weight since middle school.  Now, I'm in my last year of college.  Here are my stats:

Height: 5'3"
Current Weight: I'm not sure.  I don't have a scale at present, but I would guess I'm around 240 or so.
Goal Weight: Heck, I'd be happy to be at 200.  I can make another goal from there.

Here's me: I'm a binge eater.  I frequently eat enough for two or three people in one sitting.  On top of that, the things I eat are terrible.  I'm a complete fast food junkie.  I have a vicious sweet tooth.  And I'm opposed to most vegetables.  I also have a hard time getting enough water every day.  I hate the way I look- every morning when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I groan.  I have learned to love myself and who I am, but I am not able to accept what I look like right now.  I need to change that so I can be completely happy and confident.  I think confidence is going to be important once I graduate and move on to the "real world."

The problem is, I just can't seem to stop.  I can't even seem to last on a diet for more than one day.  In the past, I've had a little success with Weight Watchers.  However, I can't afford to pay for meetings on top of expensive diet foods- I'm a college student who's broke all the time!  I think what I need most is someone to help motivate me and help me stay on task.  So far I haven't had anyone's expectations to meet but my own, and I forgive myself way too easily.
Is there anyone willing to help me out?  Just to commit to being in touch with me and not accepting any excuses from me?  Maybe daily emails or something?  I know that's a lot to ask, but I'd be more than happy to reciprocate.  This is a long shot, I feel like, but I really need the help.  if anyone's willing, let me know.

And thanks.
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Entry Number One 
06:03pm 05/12/2007
  Hello All. My name is Elizabeth and I will most likely be doing most of the blogging on our journal. My fiancee and I have decided to change our lives beginning Janurary 2008. We have both struggled with our weight most of our adult life, and want to take control back.

Follow Cut For Entire Entry.

11:48pm 07/11/2007

Hi!  I'm new, and I'm starting to seriously diet tomorrow.  It's my 18th birthday and I feel really bad about the way I've neglected my body.  I've been doing a lot of exercise, but I volunteer and babysit and work and go to school a lot, and I tend to forget to eat all day and then binge...  I really want to fix that and get down to a healthy weight.

Here are my stats:

Height: 5'3
HW: 165
CW: 165
LW: 120
GW: 130
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08:01pm 23/02/2007
mood: chipper
Did better than I thought I would this week. Here goes

Start Weight: 181 lbs
Todays Weight: 179 lbs
Total loss: 2 lbs
Time: 1 week

Not bad if I do say so myself. We will see how the weekend goes. Wish me luck.
Good Day 
07:45pm 20/02/2007
mood: pleased
Proud of myself today. Ate 1227 calories, burned 528. Hope I can keep this up.
Day One 
09:12pm 19/02/2007
  I have officially began THE DIET. I am totally disappointed in myself. I have gained back all my weight, plus a few pounds. So here goes everything ( and hopefully a few pounds)

Start Weight: 181 lbs
Todays Weight: 181 lbs
Total loss: 0 lbs
# of weeks: 0

Start Date: Feb 19/ 2007
Goal weight: 145 lbs
Goal date : September 1/ 2007

I am going to weigh myself on Fridays, because I indulge in a few beverages on the weekends!!!
Losing through the holidays 
01:26pm 28/11/2006
  Wow I havent posted in such a long time but I am back at the gym and back on livejournal so thought I would update,
I did the best thing ever a few years ago 2 to be exact as of jan.15, I drew a pic of a body outline and got a measuring
tape out and pen and marked exactly where I was measuring on the figure and the measurement for my whole body from neck to calves
and let me tell you I find that the best motivation of all things, I did this at my absolute largest time in life for me, so there
is incentive in itself, but I have lost 19 inches overall from that time, and most of that loss is due to diet changes, I didnt
follow through with the darn gym like I promissed myself but I am now and really starting to enjoy cardio time because I treat myself
to an extra long shower at the gym after sitting in the sauna, so when its freezing outside I get warm and toasty, I am
also realizing it only takes an hour out of my day, and thats with the shower time in as well, I spend 30 min on eliptacal trainer
and weights every other day I am really happy with the way I feel and very surprised because I have never done the gym thing and I
am 43, so yeah for me its a biggie to haul my ass out and move on a machine, but I am seeing the positive affects from it and will
share a bit of them off and on, hope everyone makes it through the holidays well, and without guilt, dont feel guilty just realize
what you can do if you want and get up and do it, its never to late.
Struggling with Activities... 
03:30pm 21/06/2006
mood: lazy
Hey everyone, I'll admit I'm not as active here as I should be, but recently I've jumped back on the "I must lose weight" bandwagon. I've been trying to use a FitDay journal every day (here, if you're interested) to keep track of my intake and my activities/exercise, but today I'm facing a problem.

I definitely want to exercise, but without access to a gym, I'm finding myself very limited. Maybe I'm just lacking in creativity here, but it was so much easier when I was away at school because I had a gym membership, and I could vary my activities there. Now that I'm at home for the summer, all I have access to is a recumbent bike and a set of very light weights. I've never been able to run (ankles and just for some reason I'm not able to run distances longer than a sprint), and I don't have rollerblades that fit.

I don't mind using the recumbent bike (and I now have access to a 20-minute pilates workout), but my question is this: what kinds of activities/exercises do you do? I need some ideas.

No results... 
02:16pm 02/05/2006
  Hey everyone,

meh I'm trying to keep positive, but I've been working out pretty hard 5 days a week for about 3 weeks now, and I'm not seeing any results... Is it too early? I just feel like giving up sometimes, but I pushed myself and went to the gym anyways today, I worked out great, but I just can't keep this positive if I don't see any results. My pants are still tight, my weight is the same. It's getting depressing. It's not like I'm eating a ton, I've been on an all salad all protein diet, w/ very little carbs. Oh well.
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10:53am 12/04/2006
mood: happy
I'm new at inches a weigh... I hope this will help keep me on the wagon, I keep falling off, and that really doesn't help w/ my self esteem.

I'm Emily 21, Makeup Artist.
My current weight is 217
Goal weight 145
Goal for september/06 185
Total pounds lost: 0

I'm feeling pretty good today, I woke up, did some pilates and then ate a great healthy breakfast.
I thought I would include my monthly pic for the first time, maybe I can come back to this 3-4 months later and then see the results from the first pic. I feel kind of self conscious, but I have to do it, knowing other people see might help me kick my own butt into action.

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back on "the wagon" 
06:32am 28/03/2006
mood: motivated
Oh man, the dates on this thing had me all kinds of messed up for a while here. I'm like, "how on earth did someone post in December of 2006?!" But now I know what's going on.

Anyway, I started posting on here a while back and then I stopped because I sort of got off the wagon. I'm happy to report that I've since gotten back on the wagon... got off it yesterday and am hopping back on today. You see, yesterday I had, like, half a pizza. I did this mostly out of an attempt to reduce some anxiety, which isn't good, but all the same, it's been noted and I will try like mad to find other ways to outlet anxiety (i.e. exercising.)

Okay, some current stats:

Weight (as weighed in the morning): 222 lbs. (down from 232 lbs.)
Short Term Goal Weight (by 04/04/06): 220 lbs.
Long Term Goal Weight (by this time next year: 3/28/07): 130 lbs.
Arms: 15" (about half way from elbow to shoulder)
Waste: 49" (just below belly button)
Thighs: 25" (about half way up from knee)
Hair color: purple
Mental state: sane (for the most part)

So, yeah... some pretty big numbers to start cutting down... I plan to report back weekly with my weight and monthly with the other stats.

Keys to recent success have been replacing pop with water, portion control, and moderate exercise 3 times a week. Also, I've been trying to be more conscious of my emotional state as to avoid using food at times when I'm feeling a bit down in an attempts to "cheer me up." It's helped for the most part, but I aim to be more diligent in that endeavor and hope to divert such distress by exercising when it comes around!

Good luck to the rest of you! :)
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I'm Back !!! 
10:35am 12/01/2006
mood: content
Back on the road to " Skinnie". Ha Ha....

Start Weight 173.6 lbs
Todays Weight 172.0 lbs
Goal Weight 150 lbs by July 1st/ 2006.

Total loss so far 1.6 lbs... Not bad for a start.

Did great on the exercise part yesterday, but had the munchies all day. I am going to the grocery store today to buy lots of fresh veggies. I am going to do up a tray and leave it in the fridge to munch on. Hopefully this will help me out.
09:51pm 04/01/2006
mood: content
Hello.n_n I just found this place,but I really hope it helps. My name is Nie (KNEE) and I'll admit I need help,I'm not just Fat,I'm obese. and the more I come to realize it,the more sad I get,the more I eat-the bigger I get. I cant deal with it anymore. I'm on a diet,I started in November,But thankyou,Holidays-you ruined evreything XD Taunt me with your baked cookies. I'm about 250 pounds and 5'7. I'm 15 years old and really need to loose weight for my own health. I've tried it al,Even Anorexia. I hope I can pull this off.Goal weight is probablly 175 at max-Hopefully less
02:20pm 02/01/2006
  Hi guys. I just purchased the Iron Yoga DVD and I'm not sure how to log it. It's yoga with light free weights.. I've been using 3 pound dumbbells. In FitDay, should I log it as 50 minutes of yoga plus 50 minutes of light weight lifting?  
08:33pm 26/12/2005
  Ladies and Gentlemen. I have an announcement.

I have days where I am happy with my appearance.

Weight loss is completely worth it. Completely. I weighed myself a little while ago when I really wasn’t happy, and I was about 155lbs. (I’m 5”5’, so this is just on the borderline between healthy and overweight, so it isn’t TERRIBLE, but I’m never happy at this weight.)

I got into a slump and ate lots of food that I really shouldn’t have, and although I was still cycling to school, I cycled really slowly without putting any effort in, so it practically wasn’t exercise anymore, and I gradually stopped doing any of my other exercise. Then I was REALLY unhappy with how I looked, so I decided to change. I went for a jog. I went out in the evening before I had supper, so no one could see me run, (I even crossed over to the other pavement if I saw someone coming, so I wouldn’t have to pass them) and I ran to my local green and ran round it a couple times (the green is only about 5 metres by 15 metres, so this wasn’t difficult at all) and then I ran home. It is so much easier to go for your first run when you know you don’t have to go very far before you turn back, as you then realise “What am I afraid of?” and once you’ve had the first run, the whole idea is a lot less scary. Even if you’re only going to run round your block a few times, or even once, it’s a start, and that’s all your first run needs to be.

It kick-started me as I realised how unfit I’d become, so I started putting effort in again, and watching what I ate. I’m now capable of finishing a meal without eating everything on my plate. Before, I was so convinced that I had to eat everything in front of me. And I’ve learnt how easy it is to tell my parents “No thanks, I’m full” or “I’m saving room for desert” (even if I’m not).

I’ve recently had the confidence to wear skirts again. SKIRTS! Or occasionally a strappy top. And people have been telling me how good I look, and how I’ve lost weight. One person even told me that I shouldn’t lose anymore, but I get the impression that it’s because she’s a few inches shorter and twice my width, and although I love her dearly, I suspect that she says it out of jealously more than concern, as my weight is now perfectly healthy, and I only want to lose much 5 more pounds anyway.

I had my 18th birthday party, and I picked out the perfect dress for it. It’s red, and off the shoulder, with little sleeves that just cover the flabby part of my arm, and it’s tight over my top half, and then gets big and poofy from my hips downwards, and then ends just above my knee. I was terrified of wearing it, but everyone said I looked fantastic. And I must have, as I got a new boyfriend at the party, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t look awful. (wow – there’s optimism for you) I may post a picture. I may be too lazy.

This morning, after Christmas (am I crazy?) I was in my parents’ bathroom, and I saw the scales, and realised that I hadn’t weighed myself in AGES. I decided to just hop on and see what I weighed. I didn’t bother taking off my clothes, or even my SHOES, (they’re pretty flimsy and probably don’t weigh much) and my weight was just under 142lbs. It’s been so long since I’ve been less that 65kg. I KNEW I could feel a difference.

I had yesterday and today off from dieting, because it’s Christmas and I’ve done so well, but tomorrow I’m back on. I don’t want to lose a significant amount, and I’ll definitely stop at 135lbs, I just want slightly less tummy (and hopefully slightly less arm fat. DAMN YOU, ARMFAT!)

Seriously, guys, any tips for losing arm fat? There’s this arm bike at my gym, but it doesn’t feel like much is happening, and it takes about 5 minutes to burn a calorie, and I’m pretty sure that I’d have to lose about half a pound from each arm, which totals 3,600 calories, so it might take a while. Should I just stick with the arm bike or is there a better option?

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Workout Accessory (x-posted, sorry!) 
10:07pm 14/11/2005
  Hey, what mp3 player do you guys find is best for your workouts?

And what songs/bands/music keeps you working hard? Music is an awsome motivator... so I guess I'm asking what make you work hardest?

Thanks in advance!
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04:42pm 09/11/2005
  I work for the state, and they're always ALWAYS bringing in junk food!! It's EVERYWHERE! I can't stop looking at it...because it's right there in front of me!! What do I do!??!  
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07:52pm 07/11/2005
  Okay, so I'm attracted to the idea of jogging. It burns calories and it makes me sweat.

BUT... it hurts. My hips get sharp pains the night after I jog. I think this is because: 1. I'm fat. 2. When I try to jog, I'll jog for a pretty long period at one time... basically I think I over-exert myself.

I think I should do it more slowly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get into the routine of jogging? I really believe it's what I need to add to my workout. I've lost a lot of weight by just walking, and I've kept the majority of the weight off... but now I need something to beef up my routine... and I don't want to hurt myself.

I've heard of the couch potato to 5K plan... has anyone had luck with it? Can I do it without a treadmil and just use a regular track? Has anyone been successful with it?

Also, I bought the pilates balls and I've been doing some situps on them. I love how it makes me feel the burn! But, I've noticed that I don't feel the exercise pains until about 24 hours after the work out.. is this normal?

Thanks for the workout help, in advance.
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